Remove iCloud Account

How to Remove iCloud Account without iPhone Password?

It is possible to delete iCloud Account Activation Lock without password from iPhone by deactivating Find my iPhone. If you are one of the users who is new to iCloud and iOS, then here you go. Following are the steps to delete iCloud account without password from iPhone or iPad on iOS:

  • Step 1: The device should be jailbroken in order to remove iCloud activation lock

  • Step 2: Download iFile, iFirewall, and iCleaner to remove any stored password and iCloud account.

  • Step 3: Restart iPhone by pressing and holding down the Power button.

  • Step 4: Using iFirewall, go to “Settings” and from the appearing menu, create a new rule by choosing “Deny All Connections”. Add new rule for “” to put a block on all outgoing and incoming connections from and to the device.

  • Step 5: Head to the app’s first page and remove iCloud Daemon with iCleaner.

  • Step 6: Restart the device by pressing and holding the Power button.

  • Step 7: After iPhone restarts, click “Find my iPhone” in iCloud Settings menu that will be switched off. It enables you to delete iCloud account from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without password.

  • Step 8: Use iCleaner to reactivate iCloud Deamon and remove iFirewall after completing all the steps and then restart iPhone again.

  • Step 9: : Head to Settings -> iCloud and set up a new iCloud account. You might see an error "Server can’t establish connection" since previous accounts were deleted. Try until it works as it is going to work after a few attempts.

  • Step 10: Enable Find my iPhone after the sign in process ends.

  • Step 11: Sign into and localize your iDevice. Afterwards, choose from iCloud window "Erase iPhone".

  • Step 12: You might see the erasing process getting stuck, therefore place iPhone in DFU state and use iTunes to perform the restoration. Sign in using the Apple ID the iPhone was erased with after restart process.

After following all the given steps, you’ll no longer have an iCloud activation lock as iCloud account will be removed from the device. You can add a new iCloud account to the device to use the iCloud backup function. If you will be unable to follow all the steps correctly and stuck in between, do not get panic. Just contact iCloud Customer Service Number and render proper step by step guidelines that will help you out for various issues.

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