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Hushmail is a web-based email service offering "free" and "paid" versions of service. Hush Mail offers 1024 bit encryption when sent from one Hush Mail account to another. It also works like regular e-mail when sent to a non-Hush Mail address. Hush Mail can't be intercepted and read on the Internet when in route from sender to receiver and it never sit-sun encrypted in your or anyone else's hard-drive. Hushmail email has a strong encryption and it blocks spam emails or viruses, and there is a strong security measure. So, if this password is forgotten, the email service won’t allow you to reset your password, then the users will need to create anew account. The users are offered 25MB of storage space and it is necessary to sign in at least once in every 3 weeks, but if you need more space, such as 1GB, the users need to pay $34.99 per year. It can be used immediately without installing any software or hardware because Hushmail is a fully hosted web-based service. You can access your account from anywhere on your PCs, laptop just by setting up your email account. And for any technical support or user face any problem in setting up the account, they can contact anytime on Hushmail Email tech support.

Hushmail Customer Service Quality Innovation

Email services is used by 80% persons of the world today for personal use or professional use, and there are many people that are not fully aware about all the functions and they face issues then when going through it. So in this situation user can contact us as we are 3 rd party service provider and leader in providing tech support. Our experts are able to solve every problem. Just give a call and enjoy our services at very reasonable charges.

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We at customer support have team of fully qualified and experienced persons to solve customer queries. It doesn’t matter wherever you are and what is the time, just call when you face problem as we are available 24*7. 1-866-866-2369 (toll free) is the number for hushmail customer support. Call anytime, we are happy to hear from you.